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RECIPE: The first published Tarte Tatin recipe

Whether or not (as Lamotte-Beuvron's site claims) Stephanie Tatin actually overturned an apple pie and served it unawares to a group of hunters, there seems to be little doubt that the Tatin sisters invented the Tarte Tatin at their hotel there. Caroline died in 1911, Stephanie in 1917. In 1923, Comoedia published what is probably the first known recipe for a dessert that took some time to make its way to Paris and, after an uneven history there, today is a standard offering (for those, that is, who can still ingest shameless amounts of sugar).

Regrettably, there was not room in my upcoming book to include the whole, and delightfully rustic, original. Here it is in all its home-spun, imperious glory: The Misses Tatin’s Tart, from Lamotte-BeuvronBuild before you a pyramid of hard apples, well-peeled, and beside it on a dish an ordinary dough made with butter, flour and water.To begin your tart, you need a copper mold 20 to 30 centimeters in diameter, with a rim of about 6 to 10 cen…

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